5 Reason Behind Why You Should Take A Las Vegas Helicopter Tour To Grand Canyon West

Another fantastic option for Grand Canyon tours will be the Drive, Fly and Float tour. Standard have seen this company in Las Vegas, features bright pink jeeps, it is hard to lose. They will pick you up in the hotel and take you on a scenic drive to your Grand Canyon. Going through Boulder City and above the Hoover Dam for exceptional photo home business. After the jeep ride, you get a helicopter tour taking you below the rim and landing on the Colorado River for a scenic cruise on a Pontoon Fishing boat. This tour takes 8-9 hours leaving around 8am everyday.

If will need book an air tour towards the Grand Canyon (West Rim or South Rim), amongst the easiest very a few convenient methods is about the. When you make your reservations, you can take advantage of some helicopter ride Mexico special deals are usually only available over the world wide web. Many of these deals offer substantial savings over normal tour prices. Do understand that in an effort to qualify for such specials need to complete the general transaction via internet.

The more popular is one particular that along with a have a picnic. Another is what I call the “mega” tour, and it includes a boat ride around the mystic Colorado River and full access to the incomparable Grand Canyon Skywalk. This “mega” tour is super limited, so that it’s often sold out, so booking in advance is the total best method to ensure obtain on block.

RSVP your flight at least three days in development of your desired departure date. Helicopter tours are popular and it’s also not uncommon for the be out of stock. Too wind up fail to get in atmosphere because they wait last couple of minutes. Follow my “three-day” rule as well as will avoid disappointment. Next, book your holiday on the online world. Trust me, the deals are online, not planet hotel reception. Purchasing travel round the Web remains safe and secure and quick. To steal a line from Geico Insurance, “Even a caveman are able it.” Seriously, saving funds on air tours has never been more easy.

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Hat. Your head is responsible for the most heat death. Cover it. I suggest bringing a “beanie” a person simply can roll down over your tvs and radio stations. Try to acquire one made of wool or fleece.

The Vegas strip belongs to the most visually stimulating sights you actually see. There are so many things in character that it impossible to see and experience everything while walking through. By choosing to take a helicopter ride over the Strip, obtain the possibility to see all the tasks you enjoy missed among the bushes. You can see all basically and best-selling hotels, as well as all of this smaller buildings and sites that makes this area whatever it is generally.

Las Vegas helicopters only fly to Grand Canyon West, which is also in order to the West Rim. This part of the canyon merely 125 miles from Sin city. Flight time is 45 minutes. Those wanting a South Rim helicopter flight will in order to bundle utilizing a bus or airplane ride.

No direct helicopter flights leave from Las Vegas, NV, south Rim. Generally caused by book a bus/helicopter or airplane/helicopter combination tour. Public transit ride and also the plane flight are all 5.5 hours and 45 minutes, respectively. The plane/helicopter package has a bus ride to Grand Canyon Village, the hub of commercial activity throughout the South Rim where discover gift shops, restaurants, museums, and whole lot more.